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Join me for a one-hour 1:1 private session and I will help you achieve a new level of organizational simplicity and clarity. I am a seasoned professional organizer and offer personalized guidance rooted in psychology, neuroscience and my nearly two decades helping people get organized. My goal is to help you experience the positively life-changing power of decluttering. Join me on a journey to unlock the potential of your space and your mind.

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One 60-minute 1:1 Session



Three 60-minute 1:1 Sessions

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Need help decluttering & getting organized?


I have solutions to these common client frustrations: 

➛ How and where do I get started?

➛ I have guilt about everything going to the landfill. What do I do with it all?

➛ I hide things away and don't deal with them or cant find them.

➛ Our family "dump zones" cause me so much stress!

➛ How do I deal with the lack of space?

➛ How do I stay organized when my family isn't on board?

➛ What do I do with family heirlooms?

➛ Why is it so hard to let go?

➛ How can I find the time to get organized?

➛ How do I stay on track and not get distracted?

➛ What should I use if I have a budget and need cost effective organizing solutions?

Megan Golightly

Starting an organizing business?

Wondering if an organizing business is for you? Are you on the right track with your current organizing business? Want to level up your current organizing business and monetize your business using social media? It can be overwhelming to try to solve these questions on your own. I was fortunate to have a mentor in this business and believe wholeheartedly in sharing what I've learned. I can teach you the fundamentals to run a successful organizing business and build your own distinctive social media presence.

What to expect

Hit your delusions right where they hurt

“You'll have the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for by finally understanding why you put ‘getting things done' off. You'll come out way stronger with life-changing clarity.”

You'll experience less anxiety when it comes to decluttering

"When your friends and family see your progress, they'll be asking you for advice on how you did it.”

Get answers on the tough questions about decluttering

"You will discover the secrets to easily managing your home. I'll guide you as you make your home more peaceful and organized — just the way you envisioned. And you'll feel supported every step of the way."

You'll be more motivated to get through each area of your home

"You’ll find the motivation you’ve been looking for to wave your new power wand at every corner of your house!"

You'll wonder why these simple strategies never occurred to you before

"I'll uncover simple eye-opening solutions that you'll understand so well. You'll wonder why these ideas haven't crossed your mind before. Everything makes perfect sense.”

I can help you.

As a professional organizer with well over a decade of hands-on decluttering and organizing experience, I am a "believer." I believe you can take the practical tools I have to offer and set up organizational systems that will transform your home. I've inspired and coached thousands of people to shift their perspectives and not feel frustrated. My goal is to help you restore the lost time, money, space, energy, relationships and mental health that comes with a disorganized environment.

"When our projects were completed (there have been a few now), I felt that I could exhale and truly enjoy my home in a relaxed manner. I was provided with a plan to tackle "stuff" as it arose without a dreaded sense of being overwhelmed with the chore and task of cleaning up all the time. The "secrets" held in closets and cabinets were no longer a point of shame. I felt empowered through the experience, and a new confidence to let go with ease developed."

– Mandy Smith-Haber

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