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Hi, I'm Megan

It’s common to not want to work on organizing your own home unless you have guidance. Your prefrontal cortex literally shuts down when you become overwhelmed or stressed. Deciding where to start can be paralyzing. Clutter can cost you your time, money, space, energy, mental and physical health.

I can help! I've worked with thousands of clients and helped them "go more lightly" in their homes. All you have to do is make the decision to work together. Don't stand in your own way! I can’t wait to get started and help you feel at ease in your home!

Simplified's team is based in Calgary, Canada, but don't worry if you don't live in Calgary I have step by step guides available that coach you through every step. They cover how to carve out time to start, reasons its hard to let go of things and how to overcome this plus all of the necessary organizing steps in detail. If you don't live in Calgary you can also book a virtual 1:1 session. Your life will be better with less.  

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As one of the most popular organizing and decluttering influencers in North America, Megan is best known for weaving her psychology background and interest in neuroscience into her content. She promotes the importance of mental health and positive change and partners with brands and publishers to create unique, authentic campaigns that reach thousands of people.

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The Organized Brain

My interest in home organization has evolved from a lifelong fascination with how our brains work reinforced by my degree in psychology and my ongoing interest in neuroscience.

We all have nagging critical thoughts: “I’m so disorganized, I’m embarrassed by my mess, and I’m such a bad person for letting things get to this point." Whether or not we believe these words, our subconscious mind takes them seriously. 

I want my clients to experience the joy I've felt organizing my own life. Trust me, being organized will set your mind free!


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