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3 Reasons to go Paperless declutter how to office organizing paperless May 02, 2022

I track all my to-dos on a notepad. And whenever I complete a task, I feel a thrill as I check it off the list. Although, I won't be getting rid of my notepads anytime soon, there are so many other ways to go digital. And there are excellent reasons to do that. If you’re already paperless, then this blog post isn’t for you (and good for you, by the way) but if you’re curious about transitioning from a life filled with paper to one of digital bliss, I’ve got three reasons you should consider making the leap!

1. Going Paperless Saves Space

If you’re always shuffling papers from your desk to a drawer to a filing cabinet, that’s a clear sign you need some digital solutions! We only shuffle things around when they don’t have a home to go back to. If that’s how you handle clutter, maybe it’s because you don’t have enough physical space. Going digital gives you room to breathe. No...

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