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Taming the Laundry Room Chaos

Nov 07, 2023

Welcome to November, the month when leaves fall and temperatures drop, signaling the arrival of the holiday season. In this blog post, I will provide tips on how to get it organized, offer advice for maintaining order with a large family, and suggest different solutions based on your available space.

Getting Organized

  1. Declutter: Start by going through all the items in your laundry room. Donate or discard items you no longer need, and consolidate cleaning supplies.
  2. Maximize Vertical Space: Install shelves (Canada Link, US Link), wall-mounted cabinets (Canada Link, US Link), or wire racks  to make use of vertical space for storing detergent, fabric softener, and cleaning products.
  3. Sort and Label: Use baskets or bins to separate cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and other items, and label them for easy access.
  4. Invest in Sorting Baskets: Purchase sorting baskets for dirty laundry, making it easy for family members to sort their clothes before laundry day. (Canada Link, US Link)

Tips for Large Families

  1. Designate Family Laundry Days: Assign specific days for family members to do their laundry. This prevents a laundry room pile-up.
  2. Label Clothes: Invest in labels for your family's clothing to minimize confusion when folding and putting away clean laundry.
  3. Streamline the Process: Set up separate hampers (Canada LinkUS Link) for whites, darks, and delicates, making it easier for family members to sort their clothes.

Solutions Based on Space

  1. Small Laundry Rooms: If your laundry room is small, consider a compact, stackable washer and dryer. Wall-mounted shelves (Canada Link, US Link) and rolling carts (Canada Link, US Link) can provide additional storage without taking up much space.
  2. Medium-Sized Laundry Rooms: In medium-sized spaces, you can invest in standalone cabinets (Canada Link, US Link). 
  3. Large Laundry Rooms: In spacious laundry rooms, you have the luxury of creating dedicated zones for different tasks, such as folding, ironing, and storage. 

This November, take on the laundry room and transform it into a clean, organized space. By implementing smart organizational solutions, and tailoring your approach to your family's needs and available space, you can make your laundry room a functional and stress-free area. As you tackle this project, you'll not only enjoy a more efficient laundry routine but also a sense of accomplishment that will carry you through the upcoming holiday season. Happy organizing!

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