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4 Organizing Products for the Garage

home organizing products storage solutions May 30, 2022

If you’re looking to better utilize the space in your garage, you’ve come to the right spot. Often, the garage becomes one large storage room and if we’re lucky, we get to park our car in there too.  But you can do both and feel at ease by implementing the solutions I’ve gathered below.

1. Mythinglogic Sports Equipment Storage Organizer

This is perfect if you’ve got nearly every sporting equipment under the sun. No more having to stop the car to clear the way before parking it in the garage. No more having to look for the tennis rack or soccer ball. This organizer keeps everything neatly together. It is also easy to install and can fit along any wall in your garage.

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2. Garage Tool Storage Rack

Get those brooms, ladders, rakes and tools up off the floor and out of the way with this very effective storage solution. It’s the perfect multi-purpose wall mount that will help keep your garage feeling airy. You’ll never need to guess where you left the garden hose or the weed whacker because now all of that has a place to go.

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3. Overhead Garage Storage

In most cases, the garage is used as a place to store things like camping gear, tires, and seasonal sporting equipment. However, not always is there enough room to store this stuff along the walls. That’s where this organizing solution comes in handy. Not only are you conserving space but you’re protecting your belongings from future damage.

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4. Shelving Storage Unit

There is only so much space on the floor along the walls in your garage so a shelving storage unit is a no-brainer. This shelf is durable steel construction with a black-coated chrome finish with adjustable shelves each barring 350 pounds with a total of 1,750 pounds.  Perfect for storing bins, tools, garden supplies and more.

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The first thing that needs to be done before any of these purchases are made is a well-mapped out plan of your garage. You don’t want to jump the gun and realize later on that you didn’t need the thing you bought. Take everything out of your garage. Sort through your tools, garden stuff, travel, and sporting equipment, and begin to pile things into keep, donate, sell, or toss. Once you’ve got what you’re keeping, create sections in your space that make the most sense. Another tip, once the garage is cleared, pull your car(s) back in and mark the floor with tape, this way you can see exactly how much clearance you have.

Read through all of the steps above. Then start organizing an area of your home. Scroll down for products to help you get the job done!
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