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Letting Go of the Last Drops: Overcoming the Guilt of Discarding the Nearly Empty

Jan 04, 2024

I often encounter clients struggling with the guilt of discarding items that are nearly finished, particularly personal care products like shampoo or creams, or even makeup that doesn’t suit them. This thought even pops into my head from time to time but I have trained my brain to make the right decision.  Let it go…here is the psychology behind this habit.

This guilt can stem from various psychological and emotional factors, including the desire to be economical or the fear of wastefulness. However, it’s important to understand the underlying reasons and find ways to overcome this guilt for a more clutter-free and peaceful living space.

Understanding the Guilt

Often, this guilt is rooted in what we perceive as 'waste'. We see value in every last drop of a product, equating its use with getting our money's worth. This is compounded if the item in question is something we don't enjoy using but feel compelled to finish. It’s a common phenomenon where the brain struggles to balance the practical value of an item (in this case, a few cents) with the emotional burden of keeping it.

The Cost of Clutter vs. Value of Space

The first step in overcoming this guilt is reevaluating the true cost of clutter versus the value of space. While those last bits of product might hold minimal monetary value, consider the mental and physical space they occupy. Clutter, even in small forms, can lead to a sense of disorganization and stress. Ask yourself: Is the space and peace of mind you reclaim by discarding these items worth more than the residual value of the product?

Mindful Consumption and Purchasing Decisions

Another strategy is to practice mindful consumption. Before purchasing, think about whether a product truly suits your needs and preferences. This foresight can prevent the accumulation of unwanted items. If you find yourself with a product that doesn't work for you, don't hesitate to pass it on to someone who might appreciate it more, thus alleviating the guilt of waste.

Embracing Imperfection

Finally, embracing imperfection and letting go of the need to use everything to its last drop can be liberating. In a world where we are often encouraged to maximize everything, it’s okay to say that something no longer serves you, even if it's not completely used up. This mindset shift can significantly reduce the stress associated with decluttering.

Remember, the goal of decluttering is not just to create physical space but also to foster a sense of mental clarity and peace. Letting go of items that no longer serve you, even if they aren’t completely used up, can be a profound step towards a more organized and serene living environment.


xo Megan

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