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It Gets Easier After the First Time…I Promise!

Jan 04, 2024

Establishing a routine for managing clutter is essential. Think of clutter as a cycle, similar to doing laundry, but don't let that stress you out because it can be managed efficiently. Here's an example: You're never truly finished with laundry – unless you drastically change your lifestyle and decide to stop wearing clothes. ! As you fold and put away clean clothes, you're inevitably wearing clothes that will soon need washing. Clutter works in much the same way.But, don’t be discouraged!

Remember when we helped Jillian Harris declutter and organize their house? The first time we went, it took us 100 working hours to declutter and organize every single item in her home. The second time we went, two years later, it only took our team 24 working hours to go through the entire house again. This was because we had made the difficult decisions the first time, making the second time much easier.

We encounter two main types of clutter: one is the tangible, accumulated stuff we should clear out, like old books, completed craft projects, and school awards that have lost their significance. The other type is the everyday clutter, like recent school assignments, books, daily mail, and work-related items, which require ongoing organization. For instance, a homework assignment isn't clutter until it's left lingering on the kitchen counter, suddenly turning into an unwelcome mess.

The process of decluttering is continuous, much like laundry. And that’s absolutely okay. The goal is not just to purge your space of unnecessary items but to efficiently handle the daily influx of things. Effective clutter management means knowing where everyday items belong – where to sort the mail, where cords go when not in use. While clutter is a part of life, with the right approach, it doesn't have to overwhelm your space or your mind.

xo Megan

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