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Organize your kitchen

4 Steps To Organize Your Kitchen TODAY!

kitchen organization Mar 01, 2023
Food Storage

See below for step-by-step details on how to declutter your food storage today!

Pots and Pans

These can add up and multiply over the years. These quick steps can help you go through and declutter what you're not using:

• Pull out all your pots and pans

• Match lids with pots

• Place a pot or pan on each burner. Notice how many extra you have.

• Ask yourself the three questions (Do I like it? Do I use it? Would I buy it again if it broke?)

• Donate the remaining pots and pans that don't have a matching lid or are rarely used 

Meg's tip: If you really want to live with less but just cannot let go, put a few of the "rarely used" pots and pans in a box in the basement and mark the date on the top.  If you don't need to retrieve them from the box in 6 months, take the box to a donation center and don't look back!  Don't get in your own way; there is freedom in less clutter.


Mismatched cups, sippy cups that leak, old glasses that go unused?  It's time to carve out some space. Take mental notes of what is always reached for in the cup cabinet. A good tip is that for every family member, there are 3 cups per person. Example 5 people live in your home, 15 cups will be more than enough!  

Meg's tip: Take a picture of the sentimental cups and then donate them.  If you REALLY can't let go, store them in your keepsake bin, not in your kitchen.  Remember that a memory is a memory.  It's in your heart, not in the cup.


Do you have a jar on your counter overflowing with utensils or a drawer that is bursting full of unused items? Let's tackle it! 

• Take it all out and place similar items together; I call this process putting things into 'towns'

• Toss out broken tools 

• Take a look at what you have vs what you use

• If you have any gadgets that are rarely used and only do one specific job,  it's usually a good indicator that you don't need them.  Kitchen space is prime real estate.  

• Put back only what you USE

And just like that, you have a box full of items to donate, don't let it sit around. Take it to the donation center today!

Read through all of the steps above. Then start organizing an area of your home. Scroll down for products to help you get the job done!
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