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Free! Get Organized 2022 Calendar

Make 2022 the year you get your home organized!
Downloadable PDF | 5 pages

I’m Megan Golightly, founder of Simplified™, and I’m pleased to launch this Simplified Guides to Success™ list to help you get organized in 2022!

Every month, I will announce the release of a new organizing guide to help you accomplish the tasks on this list. Stay tuned on Instagram (@gosimplified) and visit my website to purchase previously released organizing guides.

I’m Megan Golightly, founder of Simplified™, and I’m pleased to launch my Free Get Organized 2022 Calendar.

My clients often ask me for a home organizing calendar. They ask, “What should I do first?” and “What am I missing?” Over the past two decades I’ve come up with an efficient, stress-free approach to tackling home organization, and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Download my free calendar today!

What People Are Saying:

We used Megan to help us prepare for selling our home. Megan was great at getting us organized, from nudging us in the right direction and helping us make the small and large decisions needed to organize and reduce over 30 years of living in the same home to rolling up her sleeves and moving the donation loads herself. She's a pleasure to work with, efficient, professional, and a great resource to simply get things done. We would work with her again in a heartbeat.


Having Megan come help organize the house was absolutely wonderful! She’s a dream to work with — quick, efficient, and best of all, she doesn’t judge! She made our house much more functional and drastically reduced the unnecessary clutter. I love how she whisked everything away so I wasn’t left with bags of stuff to donate, recycle and get rid of. I can’t recommend Megan highly enough. Having her come into our house was life changing! She has an uncanny ability to know what we should keep and what we should probably get rid of.


Before working with Megan, I would often open a kitchen drawer cupboard and have that feeling of being overwhelmed by yet another job I needed to do. The clutter had increased and I was way too busy to get things organized. Now, everything in my kitchen has a place and it is just easy and way less stressful. It saves all of us so much time because we are never looking for things or searching through unorganized drawers! Less stress and more time — that’s what Megan’s service has given me.


We don't know how we could have managed our move without Megan and her team! 4500 square feet and 26 years living in our Riverdale Ave house! The sorting job was overwhelming and I was stuck not knowing where to start. Keep? Give? Throw? Send to summer house? Do the kids want it? So grateful our realtor suggested we call Megan. Too much for one human to deal with. The proof is in the pudding and we did all the sorting, packing and moving in only a few days. Thank you Megan and Christie!

Barbara Klebanoff