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How do you participate? Clean out and organize your food storage containers with my simple 5 step process. Then, share your "before + after" photos on your Instagram stories and tag me at @gosimplified!

Why do this now?

  • A lot of these items are taking up valuable space in your home.
  • You may not have touched any of these items in years.
  • Getting it all gathered and laid out in front of you shows you what you really have stored.

How do I let go of all this stuff?

  • Decluttering is about living with what you need so that you can save time searching for things.
  • We have enough stress from the outside world, so the things in our homes shouldn’t add anxiety to our days.
  • The goal should be to create long-lasting systems that suit your lifestyle and needs. Everything should have a home to return to so it's easy to make tidy.

Ask yourself these three questions and be honest with yourself:

  1. Do I use this item?
  2. Do I love this item? 
  3. Would I repurchase this item today?

The strategies in the Food Storage Challenge can be used anywhere in your home!

Let's get started!


Step 1

Collect ‘the hunt’- go around your entire kitchen and collect the misc food storage containers you have

Step 2

Lay them all out on a flat surface- put square lids together and round lids together- do the same with the containers

Step 3

Match up all lids with containers-tip: I like to separate any that are specific for lunches and keep them in a separate area with lunch bags. IE food storage town and lunch-making town

Step 4

Recycle any that are broken, very stained

Step 5

Take a hard look at how many containers you have and/ or need.  Remember your fridge and freezer can only hold so many

Keep only the ones that work and that you really like to use.  Please no sentimentality here- get real!

Final Notes

  • Most families of four keep 8-12 pieces of food storage. More if you use them for meal prep and freezing.  It helps to keep the same shape (all square or all round) so that they can nest into one another.  Personally, I prefer squares because they store more efficiently in drawers.
  • Your drawer will be the bad guy in this situation.  You have to "right size" and put them back so that they are easy to see and remove/ put back.
  • Put them back into the drawer or cabinet - install a metal pull out drawer if you are putting them on a lower shelf that is deep this keeps them from getting stuck at the back and they are easier to grab)
  • Use 1-2 drawer dividers to keep them organized and in place.  Use a container to store lids so they are easy to find.  If you keep square and round containers, keep the square lids together and the round lids together.
  • Lids on vs lids off- this is a personal preference- we usually organize with the lids off because we can store more this way.
  • BE REAL!  Take a risk- if you still have a drawer that is jam-packed after this exercise remove 50% of them and put them in a bag in the basement.  Try living without them for 2 months- I bet you won't miss them and if you don't- say goodbye to them.  Less is more!  If you are doing this challenge you want to be successful so don't get in your own way and don't fear letting go- it's the only way to be successful.  You likely have way too much!!!


Good luck & love you all! DM me if you get stuck.

Thank you for participating!