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COMING SOON! Virtual 1:1 Sessions with Megan

Need help getting organized?

Overwhelmed? Don't know where or how to start? Do you live outside our organizing team's range (Calgary area)? Are your perfectionist tendencies blocking your progress?

Rest assured, I can help!

As a professional organizer with well over a decade of hands-on decluttering and organizing experience, I am a "believer." I believe you can take the practical tools I have to offer and set up organizational systems that will transform your home. My goal is to help you restore the lost time, money, space, energy, relationships and mental health that comes with a disorganized environment.

Starting an organizing business? 

Wondering if an organizing business is for you? Are you on the right track with your current organizing business? Want to level up your current organizing business and monetize your business using social media? 

It can be overwhelming to try to solve these questions on your own. I was fortunate to have a mentor in this business and believe wholeheartedly in sharing what I've learned. I can teach you the fundamentals to run a successful organizing business and build your own distinctive social media presence. 

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Initial (or single) session: $250

After your initial session, consider signing up for 3 additional sessions ($100 savings)

Home organization coaching w/ Megan Golightly, professional organizer and founder of Simplified

Private 60 minute video session

Expert advice to address your unique home organization needs

Sessions take place via Zoom video. Please make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded to your phone or computer before your session. 

After you've scheduled your session and completed your assessment questionnaire, you'll receive a follow up email with a Zoom invitation.

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Virtual Session Terms & Conditions

I’m committed to your success and I’m ready to help you organize your home or level up your organization business. This journey will require a solemn commitment to yourself and a mutual respect between us.

Scheduling/Cancellation: Every virtual session must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions must be completed within 60 days from date of purchase. No shows, requests to reschedule or cancellations received without adequate notice (at least 24 hours in advance, excluding valid emergencies) may lead to the forfeiture of your session. To reschedule, contact us at [email protected]Emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis. 

Refund Policy: All sessions are non-refundable.

Confidentiality: Every virtual session is confidential. I create a safe space for you and keep everything you share strictly private.

Legal Disclaimer: I’m a professional organizer and am trained to provide organization guidance, emotional support and encouragement. I help clients reach their personal goals and my success depends on my clients' focus and participation. I'm not a psychologist or medical professional. My virtual sessions are not psychotherapy or a substitute for licensed counseling.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

"When our projects were completed (there have been a few now), I felt that I could exhale and truly enjoy my home in a relaxed manner. I was provided with a plan to tackle "stuff" as it arose without a dreaded sense of being overwhelmed with the chore and task of cleaning up all the time. The "secrets" held in closets and cabinets were no longer a point of shame. I felt empowered through the experience, and a new confidence to let go with ease developed."

- Mandy Smith-Haber


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